Fancy Twill #2

This is a commissioned shawl I wove in 2006.  The draft is from “16 Harnass Patterns: The Fanciest Twills of All – From The Weaving Notebooks of Fred A. Pennington” that can be found at  Below are close-up images of the front and back of the fabric as well as the weaving draft.  I used 5/2 pearl cotton, the sett is 20 e.p.i. and the longest float is 5.  A thinner yarn and closer sett would have made the pattern in the finished fabric appear sharper.  But the 5/2 pearl cotton worked well in this shawl and my client was happy with it.

Fancy Twill #2 front

Fancy Twill #2 back

Fancy Twill #2 draft

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