Farewell, Pumpkin the Peacock

Pumpkin, our peacock, is no longer staying with us after nearly two years.  After he was nearly mauled by a large dog, narrowly escaping by flying up into a tree and then a few days later he was bold enough to roam the neighborhood looking for a mate and escorted back to our place by a policeman, we decided he needed a new and safer home.  After many phone calls I found someone who raises peacocks and was willing to give him a home with his other peacocks.  He picked up Pumpkin last week and said we can visit him anytime.  We miss this magnificent bird but we hope he’s happier and safer now.

Pumpkin the Peacock, 2009

Pumpkin the Peacock, 2009

May, 2010 update:  Pumpkin was very happy when we visited him late last summer at his new place, he had a mate and sired four adorable little peacocks.  We were hoping to visit him again this year, but when I called the new owner he sadly told me that Pumpkin didn’t make it through the harsh winter even though he was brought into the barn.  Needless to say, when I heard this news I was very sad.  The good news is that Pumpkin’s four offspring are well and happy.

Farewell, Pumpkin….

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4 Comments on “Farewell, Pumpkin the Peacock”

  1. elizabeth Says:

    what a cool picture..you probably could write a childs book about pumpkin… lizzy

    • evasweaving Says:

      Lizzy, thanks for your comment. I spoke to Pumpkin’s new owners and they said that he’s doing fine and that he now has a ‘lady friend’ and he’s displaying for her. May they live happily ever after!

  2. Pam Davis Says:

    When I was home visiting…I really missed seeing Pumpkin. And although I enjoyed seeing him “out & about”…I also worried about his safety. I know, I too, have an emptiness in my heart, sounds hokey from someone that only saw Peacock on occasial visits…but he was so beautiful he was like “animal royalty”…Majestic in fact!
    I hope he has found his sole mate and he can leave a legacy someday….mabye many! Pam

    • evasweaving Says:

      Hi Pam, I’m so glad he brought you and a lot of people joy when they saw him. I do hope he leaves many ‘legacies’ too! Eva

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