Networked Double Weave Pillow

I find the blurred edges of the patterns in networked double weave subtle and interesting.  I also like the clear, sharp edges of the patterns in traditional patterned double weave.  In this post I’m delighted to share photos, drafts, and notes of a plain weave, networked double weave pillow that I recently designed and wove as well as photos of other double weave projects I worked on this year.

The pillow project started out with pattern lines that I designed and then networked (initial 4) using Fiberworks weaving software.  I then played around with the resulting networked threading and treadling drafts, tried different twill tie-ups in case I decided to weave my yardage as a networked twill, and then tried them with double weave tie-ups in case I decided to weave it as a networked double weave.  Eventually I had to make a decision and the winner was a networked double weave draft that I used to weave this fabric from which I made the pillow:

Networked Double Weave fabric and pillow woven on 16 shafts, cotton, 2017

Networked Double Weave fabric woven on 16 shafts, cotton, 2017 (close-up)

The warp and weft are both 20/2 cotton, 2 strands used together, and the sett is 36 epi and about 37 ppi.  I wet finished the fabric by washing by hand, hanging to dry, and steam ironing while the fabric was still slightly damp.  I sewed the pillow as a one-piece envelope pillow.  I’m not great at sewing so I searched online and found a video on “How to make an envelope pillow cover” by CraftyGemini that was clear and easy to follow.

Here are images of the 16-shaft, networked double weave draft showing one side, the other side, and a close-up of one section of the draft:

Draft for Networked Double Weave showing one side

Draft for networked double weave showing other side

Partial Draft for Networked Double Weave – close-up of one section (interlacement view)

A few years ago I learned how to design double weave tie-ups using Photoshop Elements, thanks to Alice Schlein’s amazing book, The Liftplan Connection (Designing for Dobby Looms with Photoshop and Photoshop Elements).  I weave on a 16-shaft, 40 inch wide, Macomber treadle loom, and found things in Alice’s book that I can learn and apply even to my treadle loom.  It’s also so much fun!  Here’s the double weave tie-up I used for the pillow that I designed with Photoshop Elements:

Double Weave Tie-Up designed with Photoshop Elements

A more challenging networked double weave project that I designed and wove is this wall hanging that I plan to submit to my weavers guild annual exhibit next year:

Networked Double Weave Wall Hanging woven on 16 shafts, cotton, 2017

Networked Double Weave Wall Hanging woven on 16 shafts, cotton, 2017 (close-up)

Last but not least, I wove a traditional double weave runner as a gift for friends of mine and of my husband’s who are antique dealers of early American folk art.  It’s a 12-shaft, 3-block double weave.  I generated the draft with block substitution from profile draft No. 169 that I found in Mary Meigs Atwater’s classic book, The Shuttle-Craft Book of American Hand-Weaving, first published in 1928.  Below are photos of this runner, notice on the close-up the clear and sharp edges of the pattern as compared to the more subtle, unclear edges in the pillow and wall hanging:

Double Weave Runner, cotton, 2017 (woven from Atwater’s 3-block profile draft No. 169)

Hope you enjoyed reading this post, see you next time!

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10 Comments on “Networked Double Weave Pillow”

  1. Hedy Lyles Says:

    Really amazing Eva!! Your work is stunning :)

    • evasweaving Says:

      Hedy, thank you! It means a lot to me hearing it from a fellow member of our guild, the Philadelphia Guild of Handweavers. I admire your beautiful work too!

  2. Fascinating post, Eva. You combine ideas from many sources and make them uniquely your own.

    • evasweaving Says:

      Alice, thank you so much, I’m honored! Although I’ve not had the privilege of taking any classes with you, I’m grateful to have your books and the many articles you have written that have enriched my weaving life, thank you!

  3. Belinda - Billie the Weaver Says:

    Eva you are my Weaving Goddess ! The cloth you create is truly stunning and always a visual feast. Thank you for sharing your cloth and generosity of spirit with us. Happy weaving hugs, Belinda

    • evasweaving Says:

      Belinda, thank you, I’m so happy to hear from you! I always enjoy reading your posts in your witty writing style and your work is so beautiful. Hugs to you as well!

  4. kimberleyweave Says:

    Hello Eva,

    I do love reading your blog.
    Your woven wall hanging is absolutely striking, well done.

    Yes please, I woud love to have the wif file for your networked double weave pillow.

    Thank you!


    Sent from Mail for Windows 10

  5. Dear Eva,

    I follow your blog quite some time and admire your work. It is breathtaking and inspiration for my projects in future with my new loom. I would really love if you could send me wif file of your pillow and with your permission I will make one of my own. It is irresistible!

    Thank you!

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