Weaving Drafts & More

Periodically I post weaving drafts that I designed using weaving software (Fiberworks PCW), often together with images of the finished pieces I wove on my 16-shaft Macomber treadle loom.

Here is a list of links to my posts arranged by weaving topics:



Lampas and Inlay:

Lace Weaves:

Summer & Winter:

Turned Taqueté:

Accidental Weaves:

Network Drafting & Echo Weave:

Double Weave:

Rep Weave (warp rep):

Diversified Plain Weave:

Crêpe Weave:

Woven Moiré:

Tied Overshot:

Below is a sampling of photos of my weaving that may be viewed as a slide show if you click on any one photo.  You will find more information about some of them with notes, drafts, and more photos if you click on the links in the posts listed above.