Gallery – 2010

Alpaca Scarf (color-and-weave), 9 x 68, 2010

I wove this alpaca scarf on 4 shafts using color-and-weave effects.  It’s lightly brushed and amazingly soft.  To learn more about how I wove this scarf and to view other color-and-weave samples, click here.

Double Weave Fabric, Pearl Cotton, 2010

I was inspired to weave the patterned double weave fabric when I learned that you can design blocks that don’t have to have clear or sharp outlines.  To read more about how I wove this fabric and another double weave project, click here.  To view the vest that was made from this fabric click here.

Diamond Twill Scarf (with Color-and-Weave Effects), Pearl Cotton, 11" x 72", 2010

Here is another color-and-weave scarf I wove.  I started with a profile draft that was generated by my weaving program into a diamond twill pattern.  I wrote about it in this post.

Complex Weavers Fine Threads Study (2010) - Shadow Weave

I’m a member of the Fine Threads Study Group at Complex Weavers.  My study for this year was Shadow Weave, and I designed this pattern with my weaving software using parallel threading and treadling to weave on my 16 shaft treadle loom.  I used 20/2 cotton sett at 36 e.p.i. and approximately the same p.p.i. to weave a finished fabric of 17″ x 90″ which was then cut into 37 swatches and exchanged with other members of my group.

Huck Lace Curtain (pearl cotton) 2010 (with detail)

I was inspired by Filet Crochet to design and weave this curtain.  For details on how I wove it click here.

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