Gallery – 2005 & 2007

Twill Star Shawl, pearl cotton, 24×78, 2005

“Twill Star” is sometimes referred to as a “pinwheel” pattern.  The weaving draft of this pattern looks ordinary but when it’s actually woven the twirling stars emerge, even more so after the cloth has been finished by washing and ironing.  From far away, optical mixture makes it appear like the colors blend into one another.

Twill Star Shawl, 2005 (details)

When you look closely, you can see the individual colors next to one another.

Rep Weave (Warp Rep) Runner, pearl cotton, 15×40, 2007

This warp rep table runner is a warp-faced weave where the weft is covered by the warp.  I repeated certain threading and treadling blocks to create the pattern.  To learn more about this weave, click on the Rep Weave (Warp Rep) link in the Categories cloud to view my posts about it.

Warp Rep (Rep Weave) Runner, pearl cotton, 2007

Rep Weave (Warp Rep) Runner, pearl cotton, 2007

This is another warp rep runner that I designed and wove.

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