Gallery – 1985 & 1990

Space Dyed Silk & Wool Top, 1985

This is my favorite from a series I wove that includes shawls.  The fabric in this piece was woven on my 16 shaft floor loom using fiber reactive dyes to space dye the silk warp.  Each piece in the series is of different colors and different patterns.  I used the same 16 point draw threading with different tie-ups to create various patterns.

Summer & Winter (Taquete) Rug, Wool & Linen, 40x76, 1990

I wove this rug because I just couldn’t believe that some looms that can be used to weave something fine and delicate can also be used to weave something that is heavy and bold.  The pattern in this rug is a Summer & Winter (Taquete) weave, the two sides have opposite color schemes.

Tapestry Top, Silk & Pearl Cotton, 1990

Tapestry weaving allows for amazing freedom in creativity.  Incredibly, the simplest frame loom can be used to weave different types of tapestries.  I designed and wove the tapestry fabric for this piece on 4 shafts on my floor loom and used an Afro comb to beat each row of weft by hand to build up the curves in the pattern.

Tapestry Woven Fabric (Eva Stossel), Beading (Kip Kirkendall) 1985

In the early 80’s, I collaborated with fashion designer, Kip Kirkendall.  In this piece the beading is Kip’s design and the weaving is mine.  I still wear this timeless little tapestry top on special occasions.

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