Gallery – 2009

Advancing Twill Scarf, fine cotton, 11x65, 2009

I used weaving software in designing this pattern.  It would have taken an enormous amount of time to see what it might look like woven without the help of a computer.  I wove this scarf using 16 shafts and fine 20/2 cotton.

Complex Weavers Fine Threads Study, Advancing Twill, 2009

Weavers worldwide join together at Complex Weavers to share and disseminate their knowledge and experience on weaving and related subjects.  I wove this fabric and cut it into swatches that were exchanged with other members of my study group.  I wrote an article about this study that appeared in the June 2010 issue of the Complex Weavers Journal, and I also posted it here.

Summer & Winter Table Runner, fine & pearl cotton, 16x43, 2009

For more images and details about how I wove this table runner, click here.

Summer & Winter, Dukagang-Fashion Fabric, 2009

I wove this fabric to make a pillow.  Click here to see more images and info on how I wove it.

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